Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN)

Wildlife Conservation Network’s (WCN) mission is to protect endangered wildlife by supporting a network of world class conservationists who ensure wildlife and people coexist and thrive. WCN intends to ease any barriers that impact community-based conservation organizations by improving conservationists’ access to fundraising, marketing, non-profit management, well-being, and other resources to do their job. Our small, but nimble, team of around ~35 staff is rapidly growing its global impact, having helped fundraise over $50 million USD for wildlife conservation in 2023.

WCN’s dedicated and diverse team values the people and relationships behind conservation as much as the science and strategy to save wildlife. As an international organization, one of WCN’s core values is that diverse perspectives and experiences are strengths to be harnessed. WCN believes international conservation is most impactful when led at the local level, with particular attention to support those who have historically been underrepresented and/or historically marginalized in the conservation sector.