Sofia Metzler Concepción

Real name: 
Sofia Metzler Concepción
Class Year: 
Current Position: 
RAY Conservation Diversity Fellow: Ocean Leadership Program
Current Organization: 
Sustainable Ocean Alliance
Atlanta, GA

Sofia developed a passion for environmental conservation through watching the drastic change of landscapes over time and witnessing the vulnerability of both human and non-human communities to climate change. This passion has lead her to obtain a B.S.F.R from the University of Georgia where her studies focused on wildlife science and sustainability.

Her interests lie in applying research to conservation policy, the intersection of environmental, economic, and social sustainability, and mobilizing communities. She believes in the power of collective action to create tangible solutions for the present and future.

Throughout her undergrad, she has worked on multiple research projects with goals of understanding the ecology of different species to aid in further conservation decision making efforts. She brings a cross-cultural background through her studies in countries leading in sustainable development as well as those more susceptible to the changing climate. These cross-cultural experiences has given her a widened perspective to the immediate action needed going forward in protecting the planet.