Miriam Inaimi

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RAY Clean Energy Fellow: ACEEE
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American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Dear reader,

Welcome to my bio, I’m Miriam Quiambao Inaimi. I’m a Palestinian Filipina who grew up playing in the streets of Amman, Jordan. Today I am 7,000 miles away from those familiar streets, and working as a RAY Clean Energy Fellow at the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). I earned my degree in Energy Science and Technology from Western Washington University in June 2022. I deeply appreciate the unwavering support and encouragement from my dear friends and family, which, alongside dedicated time and hard work, made this achievement possible.

In school, science classes taught me about the logistics of energy generation and transmission, but it was the anthropology of energy classes that caught my interest and opened my eyes to the capitalist, violent, and environmentally degrading energy system that exists today. My biggest fear was watching the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies begin to take place without addressing the underlying environmental injustices the current system perpetuates. I refused to stand by and let that happen, so rather than pursuing a career in energy tech, I chose the path that aligned with my values of creating an equitable energy system that allows nature and all people to prosper, and not the wallets of a handful.

Believe me, I too have felt the doom of capitalism, but I gathered all the courage I could to do one thing… hope. To radically hope and believe that our world will not become a dystopia, but one that is blooming. A world that is alive and well, meets all people's basic human needs, tends to the earth's soil, and keeps its oceans and air clean. A world where wealth beyond necessity does not exist and renewable energy is responsibly generated. I will take what I have learned thus far and create that world. I will contribute all I can, but I cannot achieve this alone. I hope you can have the courage to see this possible future and join me.  

With love,

Miriam Q. Inaim