Kimberly Diep

Real name: 
Kimberly Diep
Class Year: 
Current Position: 
RAY Fellow, Oceans
Current Organization: 
New York, NY

Kimberly Diep is a RAY Fellow at the Environmental Defense Fund in New York City. As part of the Oceans team, her work focuses on the use of various technologies to improve management and conservation outcomes in fisheries around the world. 

Kim was born and raised in Boise, Idaho and completed her B.S. in Environmental Science with an environmental toxicology emphasis at Western Washington University (Bellingham, WA). Avidly involved in research, Kim worked on a variety of projects with topics ranging from ocean acidification laboratory experiments, environmental risk assessments, an environmental site assessment, metal toxicity tests, and environmental consulting student competitions. She also participated in student clubs such as Students for Sustainable Food, Students for Renewable Energy, the Vietnamese Student Association; volunteered at the University’s organic farm; and served as an environmental educator for a community program that taught fourth graders about the regional importance of salmon and healthy salmon habitat. Prior to joining EDF, she worked as an at-sea fisheries observer in the North Pacific Groundfish and Gulf of Alaska Rockfish fisheries.

Kim is passionate about increasing representation in the environmental sciences and understanding the intersectionality between power, privilege, and ideas of environmentalism. She is also interested in the role of science in the policy process and scientific communication. In her free time, Kim enjoys hiking, biking, and cooking with friends.