Dimitri Rucker

Real name: 
Dimitri Rucker
Class Year: 
Current Position: 
RAY Conservation Diversity Fellow: At-Risk Species Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Current Organization: 
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Annapolis, MD

St. Louis, Missouri, born and raised, Dimitri found his passion for the outdoors by exploring the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. Any sign of life would be of interest like fish, otters, snakes, and especially turtles. He carried his love for nature to Marymount University, where he played basketball and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. While attending Marymount, Dimitri had the opportunity to study abroad twice in Belize, where he tagged sea turtles for marine biology research. During these experiences, Dimitri found his drive to pursue a career in conservation. While he does love conservation, he also loves his family, friends, and personal growth. During his leisure time, he thoroughly enjoys working out, hiking, playing basketball, reading, trying new things, and spending time with his brothers and dog, Sol Frito.