Derek Segars

Real name: 
Derek Segars
Class Year: 
Current Position: 
RAY Fellow, Government Relations
Current Organization: 
Ocean Conservancy & Rare
Washington, DC

Derek Segars is a recent graduate from Western Michigan University (BA ’17) with degrees in Political Science and Sociology. As a native of Detroit, MI, sustainability is one of his primary interests. During his undergraduate career, Derek has participated in University sanctioned environmental lobbing days in the Michigan State Legislature, along with Earth Day clean up initiatives. Prior to becoming a RAY Fellow, Derek spent a semester Interning for a State Senator, in the Michigan State Legislature. Bringing legislative solutions, environmental reform, and sustainable growth to Detroit are some of his top priorities.

Understanding the impact unsustainable practices, in the public and private sectors, have had on his hometown, fuels his passion for social justice and environmental reform. At Rare, Derek is passionate about community development and local level solutions to environmental issues. In the future, Derek plans on attending law school, concentrating in administrative law and environmental law. At some point in his career, he hopes to bring some of the Ocean Conservancy and Rare’s initiatives to the Great Lakes region.