Amrita Sawhney

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Greenways + Policy Analyst
Current Organization: 
Livable Streets Alliance

I am literally just a human... I hate to be that person: like "the assignment is to write a bio. Please just give a simple bio," but at the end of the day - at the end of this arbitrarily curated list about me - you won't actually know me. You will just have a list of words that are attached to your own preconceptions, which is fine. Off the bat, I just want to let everyone know: you can and should reach out if you really do want to know about me. I'm generally kind. Anyway, Here's that list:

- I'm a Sikh-American.
- I was born in Baltimore, Maryland - raised in the suburbs.
- Since the beginning of time, I've continued to love two things: making art and being around nature, especially animals (humans included (most of the time)).
- I'm not very good at following rules, but I kind of understand why they exist. I make new rules when I can. It's an okay way to deal.
- I went to Reed College in Portland, Oregon. I got a piece of paper that says I know a little bit about Environmental Studies and Economics. It does not say anything about the anthropology and data science courses I also completed. It's a good thing LinkedIn exists.
- I currently live in Boston. I am working on transportation planning with LivableStreets Alliance, an impressive local advocacy group I am proud to be a part of.
- Other than that, I'm kind of obsessed with finding life's weird intersections, like a six-way intersection that nobody is paying attention to, or people are just trying to ignore it, because it's understandably scary, but I think we should do a better job to normalize being scared and feeling other unpleasant feelings.
- I think writing run-on sentences should be more acceptable in certain contexts.