Kelly Baker

Real name: 
Kelly Baker
Class Year: 
Current Position: 
RAY Clean Energy Diversity Fellow
Current Organization: 
International Living Future Institute
Seattle, Washington

Kelly Baker was born in Silver Spring Maryland, but has lived and grown up in Phoenix, Arizona for the last 17 years. She is a recent graduate of Arizona State University, achieving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sustainability and a minor in Global Studies. Kelly is also a recent alumna of the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program and participant of the Environmental Leadership Program.


Through her love for environmental and social justice, she has fostered a deep passion for environmental justice, as well as representation of the PGM (People of the Global Majority) and LGBTQIA+ communities within environmental fields.  Her personal mission in life is to advocate for voices that have been silenced by systems of oppression. Kelly has worked in campaigns across the Colorado Plateau and the southwest United States to advocate for environmental protection, including the protection of the Sonoran National Monument and Ironwood National Forest. She has worked in environmental advocacy, environmental justice organizing, and equitable clean energy research.


Kelly currently holds the title of Just Certification Manager at the International Future Living Institute as a Roger Arliner Young Clean Energy Diversity Fellow, promoting diversity, equity and inclusion within the Clean Energy Industry. She is extremely honored to have this opportunity and is excited to push for social equity in the Clean Energy Industry at ILFI. 


In Kelly’s free time she loves to connect with nature as well as people and animals. She also loves to do crafts such as crocheting and pressing flowers and is interested in herbal medicine and natural remedies.