RAY Fellowship Conservation & Clean Energy Conversations

Please see our 2021 RAY Diversity Fellowship Conservation & Clean Energy Conversation Series below celebrating the culmination of the fifth year of the RAY Diversity Fellowship and successes of the RAY Fellows! Through 1 hour webinars via Zoom, three graduating RAY Fellows led us on deep dives into their contributions, learnings, and experiences as Fellows. 

  • Roxana Ayala, Research Assistant, Local Policy, ACEEE: "The Next Generation of Clean Energy: Harnessing the Power of the RAY Fellowship to Expand and Increase a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Clean Energy Workforce" - Watch the recording here
    • As a RAY fellow at the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), Roxana has assisted the local policy program with research and technical assistance on inclusive workforce development, energy equity, and efforts related to city-led clean energy policy. Her clean energy conversation will focus on her journey as an aspiring clean energy expert detailing the work she has contributed to, as well as reflecting on her plans to use her platform to ensure frontline communities are represented in the clean energy sector and strive for greater diversity, equity, and justice in clean energy.
  • Dillon Hanson-Ahumada, RAY Marine Conservation Diversity Fellow, NRDC: "A Step Forward: Lessons and Experiences as an Emerging Conservation Advocate with NRDC Oceans" - Watch the recording here
    • Throughout his fellowship, Dillon has worked to protect our ocean and the life within it. During his time, Dillon has been able to contribute to amazing projects such as advancing solutions to whale entanglement, researching the shark fin trade, and opposing other ocean threats. His Conservation Conversation will highlight the work he has been able to be a part of, as well as the lessons he has taken away from his time with NRDC.
  • Rozette De Castro, International Government Relations Specialist, Ocean Conservancy: "From Belonging to Being and Becoming: bridging the gap between immigration and the environmental field" - Watch the recording here
    • For past two years, Rozette has worked on a range of projects at Ocean Conservancy starting as the RAY Fellow with the Trash Free Seas team working to advance the team’s community engagement through the promotion of science-based solutions and policy for ocean plastic pollution, to her transition into a specialist role where she was able to help expand the organization’s Vietnam Initiative and its International Government Relations work. Her conservation conversation will be a reflection on her past two years at Ocean Conservancy, from projects and built relationships that have grounded her to what lessons she’ll be taking as she leaves to pursue graduate school in urban planning and international affairs.

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