Mentorship is a critical part of the Fellowship experience, and will increase opportunities for Fellows to build professional networks, learn about career paths, and gain additional professional development skills. In addition to direct supervisors, each Fellow will receive a minimum of three mentors as outlined below:

RAY Senior Fellows

Upon accepting their new position, Fellows will be matched with a Senior Fellow from a previous cohort to help provide support and guidance, as young professionals and recent program alumni. Check out our Fellow Directory for more information on current and Senior RAY Fellows.

Internal Mentors

During the first few months of the Fellowship, Fellows will work with supervisors to identify a more senior professional within their respective host organizations who can provide additional internal guidance and development. 

External Mentors

The Fellowship will connect Fellows with professionals external to a Fellow's host organization, and who have overlapping professional and/or personal goals and interests. External Mentors will provide Fellows additional avenues to discuss challenges and solutions associated with navigating the conservation and environmental sectors as people of difference. At a minimum, Fellows will meet with External Mentors on a quarterly basis as well as for ad hoc check-ins as needed.

If you are interested in serving as an External Mentor for future RAY Fellows, please add your name and information to our Mentor Database and we will be in touch!